Quality Assurance for business-critical workplaces

QtestBASE is the comprehensive solution for ensuring quality within User Acceptance Testing (UAT) or in standalone QA processes.

It determines the interoperability (possible conflicts) and integrity of applications against each other as well as the underlying operating system and allows you to analyse any conflicts quickly.

One of the outstanding features of the QtestBASE framework is scalability. The scope of application ranges from basic application interoperability tests up to complex test scenarios of entire workplace systems including all installed applications, patches, hotfixes, drivers, middleware and the operating system.


In issue no. 44/2011 of the German IT-magazine "Computerwoche" you will find an article...

Mentopolis CSC proudly launches the new version of QtestBASE to address the demands of our partners...

Why you should test your workplaces

Quality Assurance for workplaces means:

  • Workplace interoperability
  • Workplace integrity

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How much safety does your UAT offer?

Why a qualified User Acceptance Testing is advisable

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QtestBASE Feature

QtestBASE has improved the methods of physical testing and monitoring (Application Fingerprint) combined with a self-learning expert system.

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